Letter to Patients

Dear United Family Community,

It has been an extraordinary spring festival.  Some of you are still away, some friends have returned and are ready to begin working within the next week, some returnees because of their travel itineraries are doing their best to enjoy some time at home while awaiting their quarantine period to be over.  Many of us here at United Family have never left our posts, or are now back in the saddle.

Many friends in our United Family Community who rely on our services have been asking about the level of preparedness and situation at our hospitals. Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital responded to the instructions of the superiors and launched the procedures and standards for the N-CoV prevention. The hospital has increased preventive measures, actively been doing patient education, making every effort to protect the health and safety of patients, and win the ” battles against N-CoV” with the country.

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital has had no suspected cases of n-CoV and has adjusted the workflow to effectively avoid nosocomial infection and ensure the safety of all of our patients..

At the Triage Desk at the main entrance, we are asking all patients to wear a mask and report their travel and contact history, as well as checking temperature. Patients and visitors who have travel or living history in Wuhan in the past 2 weeks, orhave a  fever are not allowed to be admitted. Those with a temperature of ≥37.3 °C will be advised to go to a fever clinic at a nearby hospital. Nurses working at the Triage Desk wear disposable medical isolation gown, N95 mask and goggles, and Security Staff wear surgical masks and goggles.

New patients being hospitalized are required to provide a “temperature report” and medical information from other medical institutions from any prior hospitalizations within the past two weeks.  Our hospitalized patients are not allowed to take temporary leave or go home. If fever, cough, sputum and other symptoms are found during their stay,  the attending doctor and our expert committee will  decide if patients need to be transferred to other hospitals.

Each patient room is limited to one family member (fixed person) to accompany or visit. Security staff are checking the visit card at each entrance. Family members and friends who has travel or have living history in Wuhan in the past 2 weeks are not allowed to visit the patient. Patients family  who are back from other countries and districts are allowed to visit after 2 weeks.

The hospital has increased the frequency and standards of cleaning and disinfection for the purpose of  nosocomial infection control. Public areas are cleaned and disinfected 6 times a day. Patient rooms are disinfected at any time when necessary. Elevators and the buttons are regularly disinfected every day.

According to the hospital new workflow, only one main entrance is open round the clock. All the food delivery, express and mail service are stopped and no unauthorized persons are allowed to enter the hospital.

Together with patients and their family, we have the confidence to win the battle against N-CoV and will consistently expend all efforts to protect patient safety.

UFH Patient Portal