Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital – Dr. Smile Medical Group Vascular Health Workshop a Success

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital -Dr. Smile Medical Group Vascular Health Workshop was successfully held on April 25th, 2016, in the hospital’s exotic Mongolian Yurt meeting room.


 Attending Physician Dr. Su Lei provided the information on intermittent claudication to the audience.


Professor Zhang Qiang, expert surgeon, and Attending Physician Dr. Su Lei, Chief of youny vascular surgeons, from Dr. Smile Medical Group, provided information on intermittent claudication and self-check methods to the audience. During interactive learning and Q&A sessions, most attendees were unexpectedly active and enthusiastic about participating.


Joshua Kurtzig, General Manager of Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital and Professor Zhang Qiang examine the dorsal artery of the foot during a self-check.


Professor Zhang Qiang answers questions from the audience.

Intermittent claudication is pain in the leg that is induced by exercise and typically caused by obstruction of the arteries. Once it occurs, patient is supposed to started the targeted intervention to prevent disease progression. Rehabilitative treatment at early edge is very valuable to recovering exercise capacity. A number of studies show that exercise therapy is the best initial treatment of intermitterent claudication under the guidance of physicians.

At the beginning of this year, we officially started our cooperation with Dr. Smile Medical Group for vascular rehabilitation, aiming to provide high-quality, individualized non-surgical rehabilitative treatment for those vascular surgical patients. This workshop helped captivate public attention and raise awareness of vascular health, with professional medical information and self-check methodology.