An Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Approach

Highly proficient physicians

  • Renowned rehabilitation experts
  • Advanced rehabilitation philosophy
  • American-managed hospital
  • Strict rehabilitation regimen
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Deep understanding of patient’s needs
  • Individualized rehabilitation


Multinational therapist team

  • Professional therapists from across the world
  • Advanced technology from the U.S. and Europe
  • Well-defined responsibilities of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies (PT, OT, ST.)
  • A variety of rehabilitation training programs
  • Individualized rehabilitation plan to achieve the best results
  • Home rehabilitation tips provided to ensure quality of life


Experienced nursing team:

  • Provide comprehensive skilled nursing care
  • Care but also teach
  • Support chronic disease management
  • Share professional knowledge
  • Impart nursing care skills to families
  • Help patients and their families return to normal life


TCM Doctors

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage and cupping
  • TCM bath
  • TCM Prescription
  • Dietary therapy advice


  • Understand and manage cognitive, behavioral, and emotional disorders
  • Help patients and families tackle psychological challenges
  • Support for faster rehabilitation
  • Rebuild patients’ self- confidence and quality of life

 Clinical pharmacists

  • Practice evidence-based medicine
  • Optimize the use of medication
  • Ensure medicine safety
  • Educate patients in medicine usage

 Recreational therapists

  • Focus on American rehabilitation philosophy
  • Organize musical, painting, and art activities
  • Enhance social and cognitive capabilities
  • Strengthen patients’ skills for better lives
  • Help restore patients’ physical function and confidence

 Registered dietician

  • Provide comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • Understand every patient’s needs
  • Provide individualized dietary advice
  • Increase patients and families’ nutritional knowledge
  • Conduct staged assessment for improved plans

 Case managers

  • Listen to the needs of patients and families
  • Connect patients with medical teams
  • Help various teams solve problems
  • Assess rehabilitation goals on a regular basis
  • Assess patient satisfaction
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