Pediatric Rehabilitation

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital (BJURH) mainly provides rehabilitative services for children with pediatric neurological-related conditions, nerve injuries, sports injuries and post operation conditions. Children can improve and regain functionality through the latest rehabilitation programs and therapies, such as pediatric physical and occupational therapy, conductive education, sensory integration, functional training, multi-sensory training, drug therapies, hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) treatment such as acupuncture, physical training programs with the latest equipment, speech therapy, and other comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

We create a personalized assessment and treatment program for children suffering from a range of motor function disorders, limb dysfunctions, language disorders, brain injury, and other such conditions. During the rehabilitation process, our services also include regular assessments of motor development and early intervention for those showing signs of incomplete development, low weight and other conditions.

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