Inpatient Services

A comfortable environment is an important part of the rehabilitation process, and a key service provided by Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital (BJURH). We strive to provide a home-like atmosphere for our patients and their families at our hospital. Some of the highlights of the clinically uplifting environment include:

A barrier-free design throughout the whole hospital making it easy to get around

Our “Hemu Steet,” a life-like city-street design built right into the ground floor of the hospital includes shop fronts, interactive stores, and more. Hemu Street is designed to provide training in daily living skills for our patients. The facilities make the rehabilitation process enjoyable and offer the opportunity to practice many activities before actually returning to the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Living room areas that serve as the “social gathering” places of the hospital. These warm and comfortable rest areas provide patients a friendly environment where they can share experiences, communicate with medical staff and spend time with family members.

Family dining rooms allow patients and their families to dine as a group, in a comfortable manner, and just as they would at home. The rehabilitation process is closely related with support from family and friends. Therefore we have created the most home-like atmosphere possible for dining and more, allowing patients to share their best moments with their loved ones, helping the healing process along.

Special Children’s inpatient rooms where magical ceilings shine in different colors like twinkling stars, along with other amenities, allow children to forget their pain and merge their rehabilitation into recreation.

Individual therapy rooms on all floors provide the convenience for all patients to undertake rehabilitation treatment at the nearest place possible to their rooms. Several gardens and a pleasing outdoor landscape, including a sunken garden with unique outdoor activity areas.

Every patient is special and every rehabilitation program is unique at BJURH. Our case manager assigned to each patient will follow up on treatment planning and all other details of the rehabilitation process, making sure patients have someone to talk to about their program at all times when staying in the hospital. Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital’s inter-disciplinary team works seamlessly together to provide efficient and effective service for our patients, including:

An assigned initial doctor in charge of patient’s overall rehabilitation as they enter or just come out of surgery, providing immediate post surgery rehabilitation if possible for best outcomes, while also assisting the patient through later ongoing treatment. This doctor will participate in all aspects of the patient’s rehabilitation process, following-up with the patient and helping the full rehab team surround the patient with care to better understand the basic medical situation faced and best treatment options available, constantly improving the program for the patient over time.

An assigned rehabilitation physician that understands the patient’s basic medical situation faced and coordinates all aspects of the patient’s rehabilitation process by evaluating function ability, creating the best rehabilitation plans possible, and directly offering medical treatment to patients as well in the process.

A team of rehabilitation therapists, including physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), speech therapists (ST) and other relevant therapists, surround the patient with real-time assistance to go through the rehabilitation program, constantly finding the best methods and ways to promote better functionality. They participate in the patient’s function assessment, as well as the creation and implementation of each patient’s uniquely tailored rehabilitation program.

The nursing team surrounds each patient with medical and therapeutic care on an individual and personalized basis.

Psychological health therapists and dietitians provide the necessary therapy, emotional guidance, psychological support, and best nutritional meal planning for patients and family members to optimize the total rehabilitation experience and minimize the time spent overcoming challenges.

Patient service representatives are available for each patient and family at any time to be there for them as a listener and friend. Patient services staff will listen to issues and help better understand a person’s feelings as patients go through the rehab process. They can also act as a concierge to coordinate all aspects of daily needs, to make tasks both inside and outside the rehabilitation program a lot easier to accomplish.

Additional medical resources and relevant personnel can be provided to each patient according to each individual’s conditions and needs during the rehabilitation process. We strive to provide whatever is needed for each patient to have the best overall rehabilitation experience possible. We also advocate and encourage each patient and their family members to participate in the rehab process together with us. We are happy to provide a range of relevant training and guidance for all family members and friends who will together help the patient maximize their rehabilitation with us.

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