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Jianhua Liu, Chief Expert of Physical Therapy, Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital.

Jianhua Liu received his bachelor and master degrees of physical therapy from Japan International Medical Welfare University. He was the first therapist that was supported by China Rehabilitation Research Center (CRRC) to study in Japan. He has been a nationally accredited physiotherapist by Japan, and a member of the Japan Physical Therapy Association as well as the World Confederation of Physical Therapy.

Jian Hua Liu is the President of IATA-China, Associate Chief physiotherapist of CRRC, and a lecturer at the School of Rehabilitation Medicine, Capital Medical University.

Jianhua Liu also serves as the Director of Beijing Rehabilitation Medicine Association; a member of the Exercise Therapy Committee, Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine; Deputy Associate of Aquatic therapy subcommittee, Exercise Therapy Committee, Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine; and a member of Neuro-rehabilitation Therapy Committee, China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons

Jianhua Liu has more than 30 years clinical experience in physical therapy, and has published several books in related fields.

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