United Family Healthcare Launches Postpartum Rehabilitation Service

United Family Healthcare is pleased to announce the launch of Postpartum Rehabilitation at Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital. This pioneering service in China combines international-standard postpartum rehabilitation services with traditional Chinese yuezi to create a premium postpartum experience for new families.

United Family Postpartum Rehabilitation Package

Our services include:

  • Medical checks from our pediatricians, obstetricians and midwives, rehabilitative physicians, TCM physicians and registered dietitians
  • Daily physical rehabilitation evaluation, consultation, pain management and personalized training and treatment for mother and baby
  • Green Channel for UFH medical services
  • UFH-trained 24-hour 1-on-1 yuesao
  • Specialty registered nurses to closely observe mother and baby, and instruct in yuesao
  • Entertainment activities
  • Education and training on breastfeeding, infant care, weight management, and more
  • Individualized fresh food that meets the dietary needs of yuezi

The combination of postpartum medical care, rehabilitation, and the highest quality yuezi services will distinguish United Family Healthcare from other providers and give our clients the best of all worlds for their yuezi experience.

For more information, please contact our UFH pregnancy health consultant: 185 1014 8918
Or call our 24hr Service Center at 4008-919191.


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